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August 12, 2006
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Imphobia by roy-sac Imphobia by roy-sac
ASCII for the Imphobia Discmag NFO File. Imphobia was a PC Discmag of the Demoscene and at some point very important, if not THE most important medium that provided inside information about what happened in the Demoscene and also introduced voting by readers for things like "best demos", "best coders", "best intros", "best pixel artist" and "best musician". This was very interesting because votes did go beyond the votes during individual parties and it also showed some demos (etc.) that remained in the the overall top 10 for an extended period of time. For example "Second Reality" by "Future Crew" was holding out in the top 10 positions for the lifespan of the imphobia disc mag.
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hey! this one is quite nice! great job :w00t:
roy-sac Aug 13, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks and thanks for the :+fav:
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diamondie Aug 13, 2006  Professional Writer
I can actually remember reading Imphobia a long time ago. This is a nice logo, the font is very good. There's just one character I don't fancy so much, you can probably guess which one it is. ;-P
roy-sac Aug 13, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is it the "m"? All other Letters are strict drawn "by the book". The only letter that is "special" is the "m" and that is because I had no space left. I covered it up a little with the "i" and the "p", but I can't hide it from your hawk eyes :)

Imphobia was cool. I did the ASCII for their "newest" issue that never came which was sad. I tried hard to get in touch with them. Expensive international phone call with modem etc. because Blue Boxing wasn't working by that time anymore and there was no such thing as a public Internet yet. That time sucked a little but it caused the scene in Germany to get a bit "closer" because a phone call to the next city or even across Germany was still cheaper than international and also ISDN started to become wide spread and affordable if I recall properly (give or take a few months).
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